Posted: August 11, 2014
By: RitaCatherine Knight CNHP

When was the last time you went "MOONDANCING"?  Yes, really! When have you taken a stroll in the evening by the " light of the silvery moon"?  Well now is the time.  Grab your sweetheart, leash the dog and move out into the moonlight.

A change of scenery is important for you brain to relax, but more importantly to relate.  Looking at things from a different angle, to see things outside of the box are ways connecting to or relating differently to the world and people around us.  .  A walk in the moonlight is a fine way to restore a little mystery, a little romance, a way to heighten senses you don't use as effectively as you might.  You might find that you are enticed by the  beauty and mystery of the universe we live in. ANd that is never a bad thing.

September is the next "Super Moon".  Make a date, mark your calendar, (practice up on the new and cresent moons)and "See What a Lil Moonlight " can do.

It's Time To Walk

Posted: April 17, 2013
By: RitaCatherine Knight

May 4th is the first Saturday of our annual "Walk For Health" event.  We will be meeting the first three (3) Saturdays of May at 8 AM to start off summer with movement and energy!  Walking is a great way to move into better state of being.  It is something you can do alone or with others, You can do it anywhere and you can do it for as little as 10 minutes or an extended hike.  With little effort you reap large rewards.  Movement  works to reset your brain, increase your oxygen flow, burn calories, loosen up your whole body, pump lymph into your system and raise your spirits!  COME AND JOIN US! May 4th, May 11th, and May 18th, at Liberty Park (On Studebaker just off South St) Saturday Mornings at 8 AM.  If it is raining we will meet at RED ROBIN in the Cerritos Mall at 8 AM

Invtation to Walk

Posted: April 25, 2012
By: RitaCatherine Knight

Come and walk with us in May.  We will be meeting at Liberty Park on Studebaker between South St. amd Del Amo the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Saturday mornings in May starting at 8:00 A.M.  What a great way to begin your day and start your summer off.  Walking is the perfect way to firm up, chill out, clear your head, boost your spirit, strengthen you cardio system and socialize.

Best type of exercise WALKING

Posted: March 5, 2012
By: RitaCatherine Knight

Walking is such an important part of what we do and who we are.  I would love to hear your stories on walking.  What was your most important walk.  Was it "down the aisle" or "up to the podium".  Where is your favorite place to walk?  What is your most humerous walk story or your most solemn?  I would like to hear how you walk, where you walk, when you walk, or how the ability to walk influences you.  I look forward to your contributions.  Have a walk through your memories and then walk your stories by me.  Here's walking with you kid.

Best type of exercise WALKING

Posted: February 29, 2012
By: RitaCatherine Knight

No one has brought in their shoes yet to check on your stride and stance.  I hope that means that you all are walking comfortably and enjoying your increased energy and improved outlook.  Walking makes it impossible to find an excuse not to move. Some little walking 'moves' you may want to utilize throughout the day can be done sitting at your desk or kitchen table.  Try marching while sitting in your chair.  Make sure you are sitting correctly in a non-moving, hardbacked chair.  If marching is not your thing then flex your feet from heel to toe while you are sitting.  You can also pump your feet back and forth while keeping your toes touching the floor.(You are alternating your feet and raising your heels off the floor) If you are really energetic or inspired add in some hand jive to keep it lively.  The more we do the stronger and more energized we become.  Remember that May is National Move for Health month. (also the beginning of swimsuits and revealling outer apparel)  Now is the time to act.  WALK ON! (or is it Rock On?)

Best type of exercise WALKING

Posted: February 13, 2012
By: RitaCatherine Knight

Thomas Jefferson said, "Of all exercise walking is the best!". Walking has long been a favorite pastime of Americans, but we don't really expect much from a walk.  Walking is an effective, safe, efficient, and free exercise.  Walking benefits your whole body and if done correctly, does not inflict stress on the legs, ankles, feet or spine the way running or jogging does.  Walking is an appropriate exercise for everyone  who can get up and move about. The secret of gaining maximum benefit from walking is that it be done consistantly and correctly.

Walking from the chair in front of the TV or computer to the refrigerator or the car is not what I mean by walking.  Walking is an activity for your whole body, not just your legs and it can be more than mere locomotion.  The first consideration before starting out on your walk should be your clothing and shoes.  Wear loose fitting clothing apropriate for the weather and correct-fitting and comfortable shoes. (If you are unsure about your shoes, bring the ones you want to wear to your next office visit and we can help you evaluate them)  Walking should be a relaxed, natural experience.  Leave your Ipod or headset at home.  The benefits of walking are greatly reduced when the brain is forced to concentrate on intrusive sounds.  These appliances distract you from traffic, obstacles in your pathway, or stepping off a curb.

Take comfortable-length strides-do not lengthen or shorten your stride to match another person's.  Walk tall. Be relaxed, hold your head high, keep your shoulders back, and your back straight.  Begin slowly and increase your speed and distance gradually to suit your level of stamina.  Your arms should be allowed to swing freely at your sides.  More benefit is gained from walking when you are not carrying anything or resting your hands in your pockets.  When your arms swing freely at your sides the internal communication that keeps your body functioning properly is improved.  As your right arm swings forward when you step out with your left foot, and vice versa, your arms act as a natural balancing device for your body. This "opposite arm and leg" action is termed contralateral movement.  Contralateral exercise helps to re-time and re-balance your body and improve internal body communication.  Dangling arms and a shuffling gait can indicate  impaired body communication that can lead to both diminished nerve response and disease.  Walking upright with contralateral movement is a natural progression from the cross-crawl motion we learn as infants.

Walking is an invigorating exercise that is stimulating but not stressful to the body's natural rhythm.  Brisk walking relaxes and tones the lower back muscles that are associated with the diaphram.  This mild but effective form of exercise promotes proper function of the lungs, stomach, cardiovascular and elimination systems and improves the circulation that tranports oxygen to all parts of the body INCLUDING YOUR BRAIN!

Exercise can be a dynamic force for creative thinking or just sorting things out.  Wlaking has been called "meditation in motion".  By following a few simple guidelines, you won't stress your body or "overdo" by walking.  It is social so you can walk with others and carry on a conversation while walking.  You should experience no pain from walking and you should not feel excessively fatigued or tired after walking.  So park farther away from the store door, take a constitutional after or before dinner, grab your honey and stroll the neighborhood, any excuse to treat yourself to a relaxing, toning, and enjoyable walk.