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H-Wave Electrotherapy

Unique technology naturally speeds up the rehabilitation process.

  • Can reduce dependency on prescription pain medications.
  • Activates muscles to stimulate circulation and bring in nutrients.
  • Promotes faster recovery by triggering the lymphatic system to flush out waste.
  • Promotes active rehabilitation, unblocking the pathway to recovery.
  • Does not mask pain. H-Wave shuts down pain breaking the chronic pain cycle.

Patients Use H-Wave at Home

It’s easy to use the H-Wave device at home. Treatments typically last 30-60 minutes on average. Treatments can be done while relaxing in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

H-Wave is used during multiple phases of recovery:
MODE 1: LOW FREQUENCY for Active Rehabilitation to Unblock the Pathway to Recovery.
MODE 2: HIGH FREQUENCY for Breaking the Chronic Pain Cycle.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

H-Wave allows you to receive professional grade, drug-free treatment in a convenient at-home environment. Get your life back faster with H-Wave. Our unique, scientifically proven, drug-free method relieves pain and speeds up recovery. It goes beyond the limitations of active recovery by eliminating the stress on tissue and fatigue of muscles without the harmful side effects of most pain medications. It’s simplicity in design allows ease of use while its advanced technology creates long-lasting results with real rehabilitative benefits.