Detox Treatments

We provide a multi-modality approach to detox to effectively cleanse your body of toxins, heavy metals and drugs.

Low Level Laser

Used to cleanse the body on a cellular level; aimed at stimulating the body to quickly and effectively rid itself of unwanted waste products and to begin functioning normally to regain energy and health.

Detox Foot Bath

Comfortable relaxing foot bath that uses ionic charges to suck toxins out of your body. Watch the clear salt water turn foamy and dark as toxins are emitted through the pores of your feet.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Gentle, stroking motions that help to increase the bodies ability to circulate waste and toxins out of the body.

Nutritional Supplements

Specific for your needs, either basic cleansing, heavy metal cleanse, parasite cleanse, or liver detox. Supplements help give the body what it is missing from the food we eat and allow the body to function more efficiently.  We also have Liver and colon cleanses for a pre weight loss program to aid in healthy weight loss.


Used to help change your bad eating or other habits to good, healthy ones. Teaches you to control your urges and use positive affirmations and visualizations to achieve your health goals.