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Why do our patients come back? We help with Women’s Health Issues.

Women's Health Issues

Many patients return to see us because our Chiropractors help with women’s health issues. Women face a number of unique health challenges. Chiropractic Care can help with these challenges throughout all the stages of a woman’s life. Today, more women are including chiropractic treatments in their efforts to maintain health and wellness.

The nervous system becomes irritated when the spine is misaligned. This may cause pressure on nerves in the lumbar and sacral areas of the spine which affect women’s health. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine restore the nervous system which helps return normal body function. By helping restore a healthy nervous system, we help with the unique health problems women experience.

We can help with theses Women's Health Issues:

Infertility: Some women with infertility problems consider Chiropractic Care because it can be associated with nervous system issues. Nerves in the spine extend to the female reproductive organs. Nerve system interference can inhibit normal functions which may cause hormone imbalance. Spinal alignments by our Chiropractors helps reduce nerve interferences that may attribute to infertility. Chiropractic treatments can be included as part of a comprehensive approach to resolving infertility problems.

Easier Pregnancy: Women go through a lot of pain and discomfort during pregnancy. It’s common for pregnant women to lean back while walking which places pressure on the pelvis and sacroiliac joint. Chiropractic adjustments for pregnant women typically focus on lower back lumbar spine and the sacroiliac joint. Alignment of the spine and pelvic bones can make both pregnancy and delivery easier. Adjustments may relieve sciatic nerve pressure which can improve the sleep of expecting mothers. Chiropractic treatments benefit new mothers during postpartum recovery as well.

Menstrual Cramps: Unfortunately too many women depend on medication to relieve menstrual cramps. Chiropractic Care is a natural alternative to medication that helps women with PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Bloating, cramping, abdominal and back pain are common problems associated with PMS. These problems can be influenced by nerves in the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine. Spinal adjustments that relieve pressure on the lumbar and sacral areas can bring relief to women suffering from these painful symptoms.

Menopause: Around age 50, Women experience a process called menopause and stop having monthly periods. Some of the common symptoms include: hot flashes, back pain, joint pain, headaches, emotional changes, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. Subluxation is a misalignment of the vertebrate. This misalignment may cause further hormone imbalance during menopause increasing the severity of menopausal symptoms. Chiropractic treatment restores healthy nervous system function and helps women make this life transition more easily.