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The most common reasons new patients visit our office are: Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches.

Back Pain

Back Pain is a top reason new patients need to see us.

If you suffer from back pain, you’re not alone. “80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives.” according to the UNC School of Medicine. This common condition makes life difficult for millions of people every day. “31 million Americans experience back pain at any given time”, American Chiropractic Association.

Back Pain is so common because it can be triggered anytime doing normal daily tasks. Pain can start after lifting too much weight, reaching, twisting or bending improperly. Forceful or awkward movements might trigger Back Pain as well. Prolonged sitting has become a big reason Back Pain cases continue to increase.

You might experience Back Pain when you walk, lay down, stand up or sit too long. The pain may be very sudden with muscle spasms or cramps. Your back might be sore to the touch or tender. But Back Pain is not easily connected to medical signs that can be observed in an x-ray. So it’s possible to feel serious pain even though an x-ray shows no spinal abnormalities. The symptoms might not be physically detectable, but the pain feels very real.

Back Pain Causes

Sprain or Strain – You can easily suffer a sprain or strain in your back during typical daily activities. Sprains occur when ligaments are stretched or torn. A strain is a stretch or a tear in the muscle or tendon. The pain from both can be sharp or dull, a tingling feeling or burning sensation. 

Vertebral Subluxation –  When the spinal column is misaligned Vertebral Subluxation may occur. The misaligned vertebrae creates interferences in your nervous system. These interferences can cause Back Pain along with many other possible negative effects in the body. Left untreated, Vertebral Subluxation may get worse and it can impair proper nerve functions. 

Herniated Disc – If a disc in between spinal bones protrudes outside the normal radius it is a Herniated Disc. When fluid material in the center of the disc pushes through the hard covering a herniation occurs. The fluid impacting a nerve root creates pain and discomfort. Aging is a common reason for this condition. But injuries can cause a Herniated Disc as well.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain is one the most common reasons new patients see us.

A study published in the journal, Chiropractic & Osteopathy, looked at different types of Chiropractic adjustments to see how patients with neck pain responded. The results showed significant improvement over a 12 month period. Three different types of Chiropractic Care resulted in patient improvements, with no adverse effects. The study said “all  the Chiropractic adjustment methods had a long-term benefits for neck pain.”

Neck Pain Causes

Degeneration – Wear and tear takes a toll on the neck with natural aging. This degeneration of vertebrae and discs in the neck causes pain that can make normal daily life difficult. Degenerative Disc Disease causes chronic pain that may continue without treatment.

Whiplash – Whiplash is the rapid forward and backward motion of the neck and head that occurs frequently during auto accidents. The effects of Whiplash may not be felt immediately after an accident. But the neck pain can be long-term and seriously affect quality of life.

Poor Posture – Slouching or hunching over with head and shoulders forward causes neck pain. This is a common example of Poor Posture that strains muscles and ligaments supporting the neck. Extended time in Poor Posture positions increases the likelihood of Neck Pain.


Headaches are another common reason new patients will see us.

Chiropractic Care treatment makes sense because Headaches can be caused by subluxations and neck curvature problems. Researchers at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center found that, “Spinal manipulation (adjustments) resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headache than a commonly prescribed medication.”

Headache Pain Causes

Tension Headache – The most common cause is Tension Headaches. A stressful incident can trigger Tension Headaches or they can be a daily chronic problem. The pain is usually described as steady pressure felt on both sides of the head.

Cervicogenic Headache – This type of headache originates in neck or back of the head. Cervicogenic Headaches may occur after an unusual neck movement or a sustained awkward head position. The pain can be intermittent at first then progress to become more continuous.

Migraine Headache – A debilitating type of headache we’ve all heard of is a Migraine. The pain is often throbbing and intense. It’s common to experience nausea, sensitivity to light and feel light headed with Migraine Headaches. Some people get occasionally Migraines while others might get them weekly.

Chiropractic Care for Pain

You don’t have to suffer from Back Pain, Neck Pain or Headaches! The Chiropractic Care we provide makes it possible for your body to heal itself naturally. We can help reduce the need for pain medications and invasive surgical procedures.

We restore function and alignment through spinal adjustments. This is when our Chiropractors apply specialized techniques to realign the spine for improved motion and function. A spinal adjustment reduces nerve irritation and connective tissue irritation which alleviates pain.

Acute pain might go away without treatment. But without treatment, acute pain can develop into chronic pain. Generally chronic pain lasts more than 6 months. Long-term pain might never go away 100% and it decreases your quality of life. Why risk your health and happiness? If you have Back Pain, Neck Pain or Headaches – please schedule your appointment today.