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We accept many types of cases here including workers comp injuries, automobile injuries, and general health insurance cases. Many of our patients do not have insurance that covers chiropractic care, so we have come up with several cash plans to help those patients afford the care they need.

Auto Accident Cases

If you were injured in an auto accident, we can also assist you. You will need to bring all insurance information (both yours and that of the other party involved in the accident) as well as any health insurance you carry. If you have a lawyer, please bring his information also. (If you do not have an attorney and it is determined that you might need one, we can assist you in finding one who can represent your case) Please have addresses, phone numbers, case numbers, and claims reps to contact regarding your accident.

Group Insurance

We accept most PPO and POS type insurance plans. We are even on some HMO panels, including Kaiser.  If we accept your insurance, we can bill them for you. You will be responsible for any deductibles, co-pays, or any non-covered charges the insurance does not pay. Please bring your insurance card for any and all insurance policies that you are covered on. If you are covered by two plans, bring both cards, even if one is an HMO- we may need to have them deny payment before the other one will cover your charges. We will be able to give you details about what your insurance company will cover on your follow-up visit. If you need to know before coming in for your initial exam- please call the office and give the information to Melissa and she will be happy to call you back with your benefits. Unless your benefits can be verified before your first visit- you will be expected to pay for the initial exam.

Cash Plans

We cater to more and more patients who either have no chiropractic benefits or have insurances that do not cover as much care as they need. For these cases, we have several options available to make your care affordable. We have the typical pay as you go plan, where payment is expected for each visit, but most patients want to buy their visits in bulk and save some money! We have plans where you can buy 8-20 visits at a time where you pay up-front (and get a discount!) and use them as needed. We also have a wellness care plan that is similar to a health club plan, where one base fee covers all the care you need for an entire year. This plan (called UCCAFF-Unlimited Chiropractic Care at a Fixed Fee) is for those serious about their health care – those who want to come in even after their initial pain has subsided for the added health benefits that chiropractic is capable of. This plan can be paid for a year up front (with significant discount!), quarterly (with a good discount) or monthly.  We accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards, for any of the above plans.